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Offer  an affordable, sustainable solution for growing fresh, authentic organic, nutrient rich microgreens , wheat grass and leafy greens 365 days a year  

♦ SGT – GROW STATIONS designed to occupy a small space , with special spectrum grow lights with automatic timers  substituting sunlight for photosynthesis  , aesthetic looks  provide a ideal solution for in house growing .

♦ Microgreens , wheat grass and most leafy greens grow in the same temperature range ( 15 to 25 degree Celsius) as we live in, indoor SGT- grow stations facilitate 365 days production irrespective of seasonal changes in outside climatic conditions.

♦ Organic growing media like  grow mats/cocco peat / promix  etc , use of untreated preferably organic  , Non GMO  seeds, no fertilizers and chemical sprays, clean water for irrigation and no exposure to outside air pollution ensures authentic organic produce .

♦ Wheat grass  & Micro greens are ready for consumption within 7 to 10 days from the date of sowing depending upon the species, making it possible to have a fresh harvest almost everyday with minimal effort and cost.

♦  With increase in the incidence of diseases like Cancer, Cardio-vascular disease, Diabetes , Alzheimer etc. due to toxicities caused by pesticides, weedicides, chemical fertilizers in plants, food preservatives in the processed foods, environmental pollution etc , its being strongly advised by doctors, dieticians to consume fresh green organic and raw plant based foods abundant in antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and  amino acids in the daily meals.

♦ Researches carried out by , many  research scientists in  Nutrition and Agriculture in various countries have  found  that MICROGREENS  of some 25 species vegetables and herbs contain 10 to 40   times more vitamins , minerals , and antioxidants than their mature plants.

Some of the micro greens like broccoli, arugula, cabbage, radish , sunflower & wheat grass etc. are said to contain most required vitamins , minerals ,  and anti oxidant bio compounds  like  Polyphenols  Sulforaphane , Ziaxanthin , Lieutin  which are  said to have anti cancer , anti diabetic , anti cardiovascular and anti alzheimer properties.