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SGT 011 -CT ( Counter Top)

MODEL SGT011 CT (Counter Top )

Price  :- Can$100+Tax

Product Features

SGT 011-CT ( Counter Top)

1.- Manufactured with water resistant GP sheet metal , powder coated with PVC adjustable foot rests for levelling.

2.- Lamp shade for fixing of grow light

3.- Slots for height adjustments of lamp shade as the plant grows

4.-Counter top  model with single vegetative growth section and can hold one -10×20 inch tray at a time. 

5- Capacity: Harvest six  10×20 inch trays every month producing 150-200 grams of microgreens per tray depending on species.

6.- Ideal year round  for growing  microgreens or leafy greens on kitchen / pantry counter irrespective of any outside weather conditions  .

SGT-011 CT ( Counter Top)
Depth : 12.5″( 32 cm)
Width: 25.5″ (65cm)
Height:  13.5″ (34cm)
Weight:  4.5 kg( 10 lbs)
Material : Water Resistant powder coated , 0.6mm sheet metal

Colour :  Off  White