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SUPER GROTEC INC is  corporation promoted for inhouse year round grow sations  facilitating growing of microgreens, green leafy salad plants and indoor ornamental plants. As  there are seasonal changes in climatic conditions, even to the extent of temperatures  below 0℃ to  above 45℃,  it is not possible to grow microgreens and green leafy salad plants outside during extreme temperatures  conditions.

Moreover these plants having tender leaves especially the microgreens, are loved by insects also and are eaten by them  if grown outside. SGT grow stations provide an aesthetical, practical, economical solutions to grow authentically organic microgreen and green leafy salad plants  throughout the year irrespective of outside climatic conditions. Have the pleasure of farm to fork in your home and eat healthy greens loaded with vitamins, minerals and  antioxidants known for reducing the risk of diseases like cancer, diabetes, cardio-vascular disease etc. ( Prevention is better than cure)