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For good health body requires proteins, fats , carbohydrates , vitamins , minerals , amino acids and antioxidants in our daily diet.

Proteins , fats and carbohydrates are available in most foods consumed on daily basis and they also substitute each other for energy source .Where as these foods may not supplement all vitamins , minerals , amino acids and antioxidants for which organic fresh , green , raw vegetables , fruits , green leafy salads , microgreens are said to be vital source in addition to other foods. MICROGREENS are said to have many times higher concentration of vitamins , minerals , amino acids and antioxidants than their mature plants.
To ensure authentic fresh , green , raw and organic source of vitamins , minerals , amino and acids antioxidants throughout the year SGT– GROW STATIONS provide are an ideal solution of inhouse growing of MICROGREENS because of following advantages.

1) SGT – GROW STATIONS occupy a small space inside the house hence eliminate need of any designated farm land or back yard kitchen garden.
2) Lamp shades fixed with led grow lights substitute sunlight at a very negligible cost. Fixed with twenty four hour timers automatically switch on and switch off the lights every day at set timings .
3) Organic growing media like grow mats , use of organic untreated seeds ,no use of fertilisers , chemical sprays , clean water for irrigation and no exposure to outside air pollution ensures authentic organic growing .
4) Micro greens grow in the same temperature range ( 15-25 degree Celsius) as we live in , in house grow station ensures 365 days production irrespective of outside climatic conditions .
5) Micro greens are ready for consumption within 7-14 days from the days of sowing depending upon the species , making it possible to have a tray full fresh harvest almost everyday .
6) Need Just 5 minutes a day without any hard labour .
7) Grow mats are biodegradable used only once can be discarded in organic garbage bins.
8) Micro greens and green leafy salads being very sensitive to improper handling and storage , hence grown in house minimise the risk of outside handling and storage contaminations.
9) MICROGREENS being attractive and aesthetic substitute to green salads are loved by kids too .
10) Easy to incorporate in most food and drinks preparations .
11) Most economical compared to purchase from market.
12) Aesthetic value and an enjoyable hobby beautifying a corner in house with bountiful health benefits.
13) SGT Grow Stations are suitable for green leafy salads and indoor ornamental plants also.


PROTEINS , FATS and CARBOHYDRATES are body’s main source of energy , while proteins also build and repair tissues and fats also help body absorb and retain certain vitamins.
VITAMINS ( A , B1,B2 ,B3 ,B5,B6,B7,B9,B12 , C,D,E,K )are required to maintain good health , ward off disease , and virtually every bodily function. Water soluble Vitamins like C and B vitamins are stored in the body for a brief period and eliminated through kidneys in the form of urine , must be consumed on daily basis .Though FAT soluble vitamins A,D,E,K stored in the liver stay longer , yet need to be replenished through food consumed regularly.
MINERALS ( Calcium , Chloride , Chromium , Copper , iodine , Iron , Magnesium , Manganese , Molybdenum, Phosphorus, Potassium, Selenium, Sodium , Zinc ) are vital for several metabolic functions and are components of enzymes that act as catalysts in chemical reactions that occur in the body and regulate the normal function of muscles, tissues and organs .
AMINO ACIDS assist in building and maintaining all bodily tissues like skin , muscles , ligaments ,tendons , organs, bones , blood , hormones and enzymes and regulate growth , digestion and immune system. Essential amino acids are not produced in the body and are extracted from foods consumed . Non essential Amino Acids are produced by essential amino acids or normal breakdown of proteins.
ANTIOXIDANTS are substances that can prevent or slow damage to body cells caused by free radicals , unstable molecules that the body produces as a reaction to environment and other pressures .Free radicals are linked to heart disease , cancer , arthritis , respiratory diseases , parkinson and other inflammatory or ischemic conditions. Antioxidants are said to neutralise free radicals and this is thought to boost over all health.