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As per research findings by Scientists  , microgreens are said to have 4 to 40 times more nutrient contents than their mature crops . For Example Broccoli microgreens said to have  20 times more nutrients than mature Broccoli . This means 150 grams of broccoli microgreens produced in 7-8 days in a 10×20 inch tray are equivalent  to   3 Kgs (150×20) of mature broccoli in terms of net nutrient out put .

A combination of 5 to 6 species of microgreens like broccoli, kale , mustard , arugula , sunflower , fenugreek etc is said to contain  most of vitamins , minerals thereby substituting the synthetic supplements with natural plant based foods.

The additional antioxidant compounds like Sulforaphane , Polyphenols etc in some of  these species are said to have properties of  anti Cancerous , anti Diabetic , anti Alzheimer , and anti Cardiovascular diseases .